Whoopi Goldberg Releases New Line of Cannabis Infused Female Products

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The legalization of marijuana continues to spur political and ethical debates between states, and more and more are beginning to join the legalization bandwagon. As of this year, 25 states have legalized medical marijuana to some degree, while Alaska, Colorado, Oregon, and Washington have legalized its recreational usage. This is good news to those who find relief in cannabis’s analgesic and calming effects, and one household name is beginning a new line of cannabis infused products just for women.

Whoopi Goldberg. We fell in love with her in early blockbusters s uch as Ghost, and since 2007 she has kept us laughing on her award­winning sho w, The View. Goldberg recently teamed with Maya Elizabeth, founder of Om Edibles and a leading figure in the therapeutic marijuana industry, to found a new company called Whoopi and Maya. Their northern California­based company manufactures a line of cannabis­infused products ranging from balms, to chocolates, to bath soaps, all designed specifically to help women cope with menstrual pains each month.

“This was all inspired by my own experience from a lifetime of difficult periods” explains Goldberg, “and the fact that cannabis was literally the only thing that gave me relief.” Before beginning this business venture, either smoking or eating cannabis infused goods was one of Golberg’s only solutions to her pains each month. I n a letter to Cannabist, she wrote an ode to her “vape” pen, gushing about its positive impact on her daily life.

When Goldberg reached out to Elizabeth with her initial idea, Elizabeth was thrilled. “She’s someone I really look up to as a woman,” explained Elizabeth, “It was a match made in heaven.” Elizabeth had long since recommended marijuana products to her friends who dealt with severe monthly pains, and so she viewed this opportunity as a huge chance to really make a difference in people’s lives. “I think there is a huge need for women to have alternatives.” states Elizabeth.

The evidence for this growing trend in marijuana usage continues to grow as well. It has been shown time and time again that for many, the THC in cannabis can serve as a very effective drug to help reduce pain, anxiety, and nausea. For some, it can even heighten the experience of an orgasm, claims Cheri Sicard, author of “Mary Jane: The Complete Marijuana Handbook for Women” .

Goldberg and Elizabeth are needless to say very excited about their new product line, and are hopeful for good public reception and expansion in the near future.

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