Why Are We So Attracted To Drugs?

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We live in an era where drugs are becoming more and more popular to groups of younger and younger people. To some, they wonder why anyone would ever take drugs. To others, it’s a very normal thing.

Now, it’s quite easy to see how people can continue to want drugs like cocaine and heroine, since they are highly addictive. However, other drugs are a little more confusing regarding that matter. Psychedelics like LSD and shrooms are a little harder to understand when it comes to why people like taking them. They’re not as addictive as the other drugs. 

Could it be the experience that comes with it? I mean, it alters your perception completely, as well as your vision and pretty much everything, so why would anyone be attracted to that? Recent studies show that the whole concept could be influenced by the role religion has played in our society for so long.

In earlier days, religion and prayer was seen as a way of reaching out to the transcendent nature or states. These are kind of known as “out of body experiences.” As our society grew more and more open to the use of psychedelics, they saw them as a way to reach that transcendent state much quicker and almost saw it as a way of cheating to get there.

Now, how could this concept really be dissected? Could it mean that the usage of psychedelic drugs can be compared to religious practices such as fasting, praying, chanting and meditating? I mean, religions do these things to alter their state of consciousness, which is all people are doing when they take psychedelics.

On the other hand, people against drugs will say that it lacks the “spiritual discipline” that you see with the other religious practices that are used every day. They might see this as a way of “cheating” to reach your destination. However, you could also say the same about buying a house. Why buy one, when you can build one with your hands? (Ahem, it’s easier and quicker to just buy it!)

The truth is, psychedelic drugs aren’t for everyone because not everyone will have the same effects when they are taken. Some will be moved by it, some will be scared and some will just straight up not enjoy it. However, it is obvious that they do help bring out the best in some people and that shows on the improved mental outlook on the world. 

With all of this talk, it’s no question that the government is going to want to take action on this. They are already talking about banning these drugs. However, it wouldn’t really do anything. Marijuana was illegal, but people still used them. However, it could be effective to allow people to use them while also minimizing the harms, which is possible.

Although legal action would raise concern, it wouldn’t ultimately change anything. It’s time to realize that these drugs do help certain people. We just need to limit it to those people who use it to not harm themselves. 

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