Why You Should Always Answer Nature’s Call


Sometimes, when nature calls, we don’t answer. Running off to the bathroom at an inopportune moment is pretty high on pretty much everyone’s list of least favorite things, so if nature isn’t pounding, sometimes we ignore until it’s convenient to us.

Bad move.

Holding your pee is one of the last things you should do, and here are some reasons why:

Urine Retention: Let’s say you go in for a nice pee but can’t quite get it all out. That’s call urine retention. It’s when your bladder doesn’t empty completely. Annoying, right? And dangerous. The primary culprit? Holding your wee.

Urinary Tract Infection: Do you know why pee and poop are called “waste”? Because they are comprised of things that our bodies cannot process, including toxins. When you hold your pee, you’re also holding in all those nasty things your body is trying to get rid of. If you hold it in too much and for too long, you’re libel to wind up with a severe UTI, which is no fun.

“But,” I can hear you asking, “how much is too much?”

The average adult bladder can hold up to half a liter, which roughly translates to two cups. When you’re full, your bladder sends your brain a hurried text: “Dude time to go.”

Some people feel the need to drop whatever they’re doing and gallop to the BR. Others are more chill. Some people can hold their piddle for up to six hours, though certain segments of the population, such as truckers, have been known to hold it longer. After all, they have a schedule to keep, and it’s either stop and pee every couple hours or stop and sleep later. Can’t have both. God forbid that load of Pokemon cards doesn’t get to Dallas on time.

Holding your pee in for long periods of time won’t kill you, in most cases, but it can cause bladder and kidney damage if you make a habit of doing it. Now, if your kidneys go, you’re in for one heck of a ride. And maybe, just maybe, your copilot will wind up being the Grim Reaper himself.

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